Skills I teach

 We all have different things that we would like to learn. 

To maximise your opportunities I am happy for people to work at their own pace on their own project. Below are some ideas and information on sewing skills I can help you acquire. To book in - see the Adult Classes page
Skills Include:
  • Basic Machine Sewing Skills
  • Free Motion Quilting
  • Making Cushions
  • Raw Edge Applique
  • Making Handbags
  • Introduction to Patchwork
  • Soft Toy Making
  • Quilt-as-you-go techniques
  • A project of your own choice 
Free Motion Quilting
This is such a valuable skill to learn and can be applied to small items like bags and table runners before you take on a larger project like a quilt. Linda will help you build your quilting skills with a series of activities. You will be delighted with what you can achieve in a 4 hr class. I can advance your skills further if you take several classes. Notes provided.

A list of specific items is required for this class.
Kits will be available on request

Making Cushions
Make beautiful cushions to match your decor. In class we can cover the basics of making & applying piping, making ruffles & inserting a zip or button back. Complete a cushion (several styles to choose from) in a class.Notes provided. These are but a few of the samples to choose from.
List of specific items is required for this class.
Kits will be available on request

Rectangular linen cushion with patch detail & tie. Buttoned back opening.

Right - piped cushion with zip back opening

Raw Edge Applique
 Have fabulous fun with this technique. I will teach you how to create your picture and then stitch it to the background. You can use this on bags, clothing, cushions, quilts, aprons, childrens items and more. 


Basic Sewing Skills
Just bought or been given a sewing machine. Haven't done any sewing since school. Need a refresher. This is the class for you. 
I will take you through how to use your machine at your own pace.

Together we will cover all the basics like:
  • threading the machine & filling a bobbin
  • what the dials on the machine do
  • how to change a needle or a presser foot
  • how a machine makes a stitch
  • troubleshooting and more. 
After showing you each process, you will have a turn until you are happy. You will also sew samples to take home so that you have a reference to look back at. 
If you don't have a sewing machine I can teach you the same things on one of our machines. 

Hip Handbags
I love to make handbags of all shapes & sizes. 

Making dozens of different bags has given me a wealth of experience in choosing the right products to get the finished item to look just right. 

At Urban Sewing Lounge we have a great range of bag patterns for everything from small money pouches to structured handbags and funky beach bags. In fact, something for everyone.

Introduction to Patchwork

In this class you will be introduced to patchwork & the equipment associated with patchwork. Learn to use the rotary cutter, rulers & cutting mats well. We also look at fabric markers, setting up your sewing machine, pinning & pressing.

All essential for a great looking result. This class is full of tips to make your patchworking enjoyable. Notes provided.

Quilt-as-you-go techniques

Direct joining of quilted blocks
Strip joining of quilted blocks
Stitch & flip quilt blocks
Adding borders

I will show you some of the many ways to join pre-quilted blocks into a quilt.  This technique is favoured by many quilters because of the ease it affords when making a large quilt.

Soft Toy Making
Learn to cut out, sew, fill and finish a soft toy. They make the most wonderful gifts.



Silly Scrap Snake 


A Project of Your Choice

You may already have something you are working on or that you would like to make. I am happy to help you with your project. I have been teaching this type of class for several years and have many regular clients who enjoy this style of class.