Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lovely Linen

There is nothing quite so lovely as natural linen when it is teamed with bright colours.

Linen from 'Sckafs' Fabrics
Indooroopilly Shopping Town, Brisbane.

Pattern from the book 
'I love patchwork'
by Rashida Coleman-Hale

Vintage Suffolk Puffs c. 1960

Raw Edge Applique
King Tut varigated thread

Student aged 12 yrs

Sewing Machine Cover 
pattern from book 'I love patchwork'

The scraps made great pincushions
Pattern in the book 'Scandinavian Stitches' Kajsa Wikman 

And needlecases
 My youngest nephew is starting kindy this year and he chose this 'Hungry Caterpiller' fabric for his sheets while we were holidaying at Hervey Bay

I am really pleased with how they turned out.
He has top & bottom sheets as well as pillowcase & drawstring carry bag

Fabric from 'Dewdrop Inn' Hervey Bay

For the name just print the desired font on a piece of A4 paper at the size you desire

Trace the outline
from the wrong side
so that it is mirror imaged

Trace this onto your vliesofix

The next Linen project I am going to make is a jacket in coral pink with cerise piping.
 Watch for my next blog at the end of January for pictures.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flooding East Brisbane

I live in the Brisbane Suburb known as 'East Brisbane'
Close to the river it floods in low lying areas.
Thankfully I live on a hill. We have been spared the heartbreak of packing up and moving out.

We walked to the river late yesterday and again today to witness the river in flood. Here are some of the photos...

Sunrise 5.30am  Wednesday 12th Jan
View from the Kangaroo Point Cliffs
of a swollen river filled with debris

Pontoon with chair
floats past

Next a pontoon
with boat on top

This boat has already
travelled intact under
at least 7 bridges

People line the top of the cliffs - watching in awe
and the media prepare for early broadcasts

By lunchtime flood water is creeping up into the houses at the lower end of my street - Longlands Street

By 4pm crowds of people are gathering at vantage spots along the river to watch the awesome power of a river in full flood

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Traffic chaos

At Mowbray Park

Looking upstream as
Smith Street Newfarm
City Cat Pontoon 
Breaks up

Water laps the grass as riverside footpaths

Thanks to the family, friends and students who have called us today to check on our safety. We wish everyone could be as safe as we are tonight.  Linda

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sewing into a New Year

 Check out the updated Class Dates Page for 2011 classes

'Red Shoe Dog'
In the November post 'Making Christmas Lanterns' I brought you photos of the quilt I was making for a new baby and promised you more. I am pleased to say it is finished and here are the photos..........

Pinned and ready to quilt. 
For baby quilts I like to prewash and dry the cotton batting in a clothes dryer.
 This makes it pretty shrink proof

I pieced the back in wide strips to use up the left over fabric

Now for the fun part
..... free motion quilting

I started by outlining the stars, the bike, the dog and the bird. Then I stippled the background behind the stars. Next job was the foreground infills and finally baby's name in contrasting colour.

Machine in Use

I love quilting with this machine. It has the power to move smoothly through the quilt with even tension, comes with a large extension table and has plenty of under arm space.

This machine is available to use in the Urban Sewing Lounge

Adding the Binding
  I add the binding before trimming the excess batting & backing fabric because I find it much more stable and easy to sew.

Finished Quilt

Large Purse

 Pattern by Anni Downs in her book "In the life of a Bag"

A few special people in my life received one of these for Christmas
But I must confess to still having 2 cut out and unfinished

With all the festivities over its back to the sewing lounge to bring you some new samples.....