Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 Ekka - Quilts Across Queensland

This is a small selection of the quilts and details that appealed to me. Thank you to all the sponsors & volunteers who make this happen every year.

 'Brisbane Town' made by Andrea Gehrke and professionally quilted by Lisa Warne - Quick Quilts
Based on a design by Jen Kingwell 
Andrea has incorporated favourite Brisbane landmarks like the Story Bridge, Southbank, Fourex Brewery & Brisbane Wheel as well as the colour of Flowering jacarandas
 Jen Kingwell pattern link

This years entries were exhibited in the magnificent old Queensland Museum Building with its high ceilings and wide verandahs. Thank you also for the opportunity to photograph these quilts and share the love with people who couldn't make it to the show. 

Close up of the tiny embroidered
Story Bridge which has linked
Kangaroo Point to Fortitude Valley since 1940

'River Fire' is a large collaborative quilt made by Brisbane Modern Quilt Guild. The Story Bridge also features in this design which makes really clever use of the log cabin block and decorative stitching.

Close up detail of the blue fireworks 

'Baltimore to Brisbane'
A much more traditional style of quilt made collaboratively by Queensland Quilters and professionally quilted by Cathy Davies. The machine quilting really caught my eye because it was flawless and gave this quilt a real heirloom quality.

Close up detail of the quilting

 'Selina Brown'
the quilt below
Made by Christine Cohrs using two of her favourite techniques - needleturn applique and hoop free hand quilting. I adore the fabric choices in this quilt.

Now I want to bring you some of the wonderful details and techniques I found in the quilts. Unfortunately I didn't record the names of all the makers so I am not able to give them recognition.
The following 4 images are all parts of the same quilt.
 These dots were approx 1" diameter and edges were beaded
 These clamshells had tiny 1/4" edges !
 Such intricate folding and beading along the borders was such a delight to see up close.

 This decorative stitching was on a small quilt as was the border stitching below.
All were stitched in black on black but I have lightened up the photo so that you can enjoy the design.

 'Feathers' made by Anne Hunt
This very large quilt is machine pieced using foundation piecing and hand quilted

'Floating Blocks'
made by Julie Harding


'Windows of Winter Sunshine'
Made by Glenda Maddern
Designed so that the vibrant colours cascade rainbow like across the quilt it is heavily embellished with machine quilting.

Close up detail of the machine quilting.

There is so much intricate detail over such a large area!

'Gypsy Wife'
made by Shirley Chiu

Made with scraps of Japanese fabrics this quilt has much richer colours than in this image.

Last is this fantastic small quilt created by Jane Rundle.
'Tea for Two'
It took out the 'professional small quilt- any technique' 1st prize
Jane used an old tablecloth belonging to her mother-in-law, backed it with pink silk and reinvigorated it with trapunto and fine machine quilting. Jane was inspired by Cindy Nedham.
Until next year's Ekka - happy quilting

Friday, January 1, 2016

Learn to Sew - Adults & Children

If your New Years Resolution is - 
' to learn to sew'
I can help you.

If you have never used a sewing machine
Just bought or been given a sewing machine. 
Haven't done any sewing since school. 
Need a refresher. This is the class for you. 
I will take you through how to use your machine at your own pace.

Together we will cover all the basics like:
  • threading the machine & filling a bobbin
  • what the dials/buttons on the machine do
  • how to change a needle or a presser foot
  • how a machine makes a stitch
  • troubleshooting and more. 
After showing you each process, you will have a turn until you are happy. You will also sew samples to take home so that you have a reference to look back at. 
If you don't have a sewing machine I can teach you the same things on one of our machines. 

Learning to sew clothing for yourself is a long process that can't be achieved in 1 or 2 lessons but there are many smaller items you can make even in your first lesson that will set you on the road to sewing success.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ekka 2014 - Quilts Across Queensland

 Another Royal Queensland Exhibition has come & gone. 

The showbags are all gone but the memories of the wonderful quilts will stay with me all year. 

A big thank-you to all the quilt makers and to the volunteers who judge, hang and look after the quilts.

There were so many fabulous quilts but 'Floral Nine' made by Jane Rundle appealed to me most. 

Probably because it is so organic and bright and full of movement.

 I also enjoyed this out of the box curved piecing which was part of a larger, row by row, art quilt called 'My row(ed) gallery' by Margot Kitchen.

'Grandma's Floral Garden'

Hand pieced and entered 
      Olwynn Norstrom

This was a truly lovely take on an old favourite
machine quilted by Cathy Schilerowski 
pattern by Kay Meale 

by Genevieve Jackson is an outstanding piece. 

Designed, pieced & quilted by Genevieve
using foundation piecing & applique it took out 2nd prize in 
Class 4 - Professional Pieced Quilt

 'Cat in the Hat's Journey'
by Robyn Sheppard

 1st Prize Class 7

 Designed & created by Robyn

Quilted by
Genevieve Jackson

Close-up detail
of the precise piecing 
and intricate quilting

For me the red stars
are just wonderful

"And a picture of you....."
by Lynne Wynbergen

This quilt, with its polaroid photo theme, really captured the imagination of the viewers, especially the youngsters, which I found fascinating in their digitally dominated world.

Many of the pictures
were intricately appliqued


'One for Me'
by Anne Hunt

a modern take on a traditional log cabin design. 

Lyn's own design has been machine pieced using predominantly Japanese fabrics then hand quilted resulting in a reverse side which is a modern quilt in its own right. 

"A Star Hangs Up"
Made by Lyn Crump 
This quilt is a modern interpretation of a Christmas tree. 
Lyn made it to hang her crystal ornaments upon.
7 weeks 'til Christmas
If you're out there Lyn send me a picture ! 

Bye for now - Linda

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sewing, Stitching & Quilting Fun

What a great time we've been having here at Urban Sewing
During the school holidays 
and after school
Above is one young student's first embroidery! Isn't it wonderful. 
We made it into a needle book.
The embroidery design is by Australian Designer Anni Downs
 from her little book Simple Pleasures available on-line from Hatched and Patched

More stitching. These gorgeous hanging lavender sachets are called Lavender Girls  
they came from and make very welcome gifts. 
The kit comes beautifully packaged in a calico bag.

Karen made these car cushions for her nephews from panels by 
Prints Charming

How cute is this! Abi's little dog loves this cushion.
Pattern is a Claire Turpin Design " Cushion Stack"
Available as a PDF download

Here's another one. They are so big and soft and retro and the perfect thing to use up scraps.

Dream up some beautiful bunting.
Print up some large letters on paper and trace them onto vliesofix. Use free motion stitching to outline them. Perfect!

I love the leafy tree. 

I find myself ironing little left over bits of vliesofix to little fabric scraps and cutting out leaf shapes. I have a bagful just ready for a rainly day. Add some beautiful varigated quilting cotton and feature stitching.What was once waste can now become a cushion to make anyone smile.

(Not sure you could give me a bigger happier smile than Jasmine)

 I-Pad carriers in 3 colours
From the book Handprint and make your own Bags
Jenny McCabe 

A bird themed european pillowcase & a heatpack for  
a Dad who is a star
variations of designs by Anni Downs &  Claire Turpin

Smirky is from the big book of softies
and is made from polar fleece

This gorgeous elephant is for a little friend.

 More big smiles for a pair of custom made shorts.

A wonderfully creative cushion with crazy patches, hand embroidery and piping.

Finally below is another handmade gift. A baby mobile made with great love and attention to detail

Monday, February 10, 2014

Beginners Sewing East Brisbane

 Just try something new! ....Preferably Sewing.
It's a New Year.
Make it the year you fulfil your desire to learn to sew.
I have taught many many absolute beginners over the years.
Both Adults & children. Lots of positive feedback.
Classes are small & personal
No need to own your own machine or equipment
Taking bookings now.

'Oh Linda we just had the loveliest time. Vanessa finished her bag today. Thank you so very much. We will definitely be back to make something else. Thanks again and I will be highly recommending you to everyone that will listen. ' Natasha

'My daughter has already made a gorgeous pink pillowcase for her little sister. She is very excited about her sewing. Thanks so much for all the help and encouragement.'  Kylee

'Hi Linda
I just want to thank you so much for taking on the extra work in helping Ella making the bag she wanted.
She couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear last night, and she is just so happy with it.
I think it makes a big difference when you create something that you really want and will use.  She said she really wants to come to some more classes, so thank you.'  Sandra

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ekka - Quilts across Queensland

Here is a tiny selection of the many glorious quilts on display at the Ekka this year.
Best use of colour
Hangers Choice Award
Second Prize - Collaborative Quilt made by three or more people

Made by Schoolhouse Quilters Kenmore and professionally quilted by Wil Heinrichs

Charleston - made by Shirley Chiu  and commercially quilted. 
I particularly loved the centre panel of this quilt which shares some similarities with a linen valance made in England circ. 1775 -1825 which allegedly graced Lord Nelson's bed on board the Victory at Trafalgar. 

Nelson's quilt is on display at the the Qld Art Gallery 'Quilts 1700 - 1945' exhibition which is a must see for anyone who can travel to Brisbane before 22nd Sept.

I am keen to try the strings of flags and beads
which lend a slightly naive look to both designs.

'My Citrus Beauty' made by Di Ginis and commercially quilted
has a fascinating 'on point' border. 
It was awarded third prize in the open collaborative non-professional section.

Christmas Lights 
Made by Robyn Sheppard and quilted by Genevieve Jackson

What a wonderful use of colour and different blocks! Genevieve has quilted hundreds of little gold stars onto the background. I also loved the way Robyn appliqued the holly leaf shaped pieces onto the edges of the branches to soften the straight edge.

Stepping Out made by Glenys Wallbridge 
 is full of interesting Japanese inspired piecing. The quilt top is a combination of hand and machine piecing and is hand quilted.

Pretty Birds made by Judy Carrow and commercially quilted by Judy Spijkers
is based on a design by Monica Poole called Peacock Garden.

Hope I have provided some inspiration to you all. 
Happy quilting   Linda

And now for some truly inspirational people of our time........the scientists whose work can save lives and spare families so much hardship and suffering 

Our wonderful Queenslander - Madonna King has a new book to be released at the end of August 2013. 

Part of the proceeds go to fighting cervical cancer.