Monday, August 12, 2013

Ekka - Quilts across Queensland

Here is a tiny selection of the many glorious quilts on display at the Ekka this year.
Best use of colour
Hangers Choice Award
Second Prize - Collaborative Quilt made by three or more people

Made by Schoolhouse Quilters Kenmore and professionally quilted by Wil Heinrichs

Charleston - made by Shirley Chiu  and commercially quilted. 
I particularly loved the centre panel of this quilt which shares some similarities with a linen valance made in England circ. 1775 -1825 which allegedly graced Lord Nelson's bed on board the Victory at Trafalgar. 

Nelson's quilt is on display at the the Qld Art Gallery 'Quilts 1700 - 1945' exhibition which is a must see for anyone who can travel to Brisbane before 22nd Sept.

I am keen to try the strings of flags and beads
which lend a slightly naive look to both designs.

'My Citrus Beauty' made by Di Ginis and commercially quilted
has a fascinating 'on point' border. 
It was awarded third prize in the open collaborative non-professional section.

Christmas Lights 
Made by Robyn Sheppard and quilted by Genevieve Jackson

What a wonderful use of colour and different blocks! Genevieve has quilted hundreds of little gold stars onto the background. I also loved the way Robyn appliqued the holly leaf shaped pieces onto the edges of the branches to soften the straight edge.

Stepping Out made by Glenys Wallbridge 
 is full of interesting Japanese inspired piecing. The quilt top is a combination of hand and machine piecing and is hand quilted.

Pretty Birds made by Judy Carrow and commercially quilted by Judy Spijkers
is based on a design by Monica Poole called Peacock Garden.

Hope I have provided some inspiration to you all. 
Happy quilting   Linda

And now for some truly inspirational people of our time........the scientists whose work can save lives and spare families so much hardship and suffering 

Our wonderful Queenslander - Madonna King has a new book to be released at the end of August 2013. 

Part of the proceeds go to fighting cervical cancer.


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