Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ekka 2014 - Quilts Across Queensland

 Another Royal Queensland Exhibition has come & gone. 

The showbags are all gone but the memories of the wonderful quilts will stay with me all year. 

A big thank-you to all the quilt makers and to the volunteers who judge, hang and look after the quilts.

There were so many fabulous quilts but 'Floral Nine' made by Jane Rundle appealed to me most. 

Probably because it is so organic and bright and full of movement.

 I also enjoyed this out of the box curved piecing which was part of a larger, row by row, art quilt called 'My row(ed) gallery' by Margot Kitchen.

'Grandma's Floral Garden'

Hand pieced and entered 
      Olwynn Norstrom

This was a truly lovely take on an old favourite
machine quilted by Cathy Schilerowski 
pattern by Kay Meale 

by Genevieve Jackson is an outstanding piece. 

Designed, pieced & quilted by Genevieve
using foundation piecing & applique it took out 2nd prize in 
Class 4 - Professional Pieced Quilt

 'Cat in the Hat's Journey'
by Robyn Sheppard

 1st Prize Class 7

 Designed & created by Robyn

Quilted by
Genevieve Jackson

Close-up detail
of the precise piecing 
and intricate quilting

For me the red stars
are just wonderful

"And a picture of you....."
by Lynne Wynbergen

This quilt, with its polaroid photo theme, really captured the imagination of the viewers, especially the youngsters, which I found fascinating in their digitally dominated world.

Many of the pictures
were intricately appliqued


'One for Me'
by Anne Hunt

a modern take on a traditional log cabin design. 

Lyn's own design has been machine pieced using predominantly Japanese fabrics then hand quilted resulting in a reverse side which is a modern quilt in its own right. 

"A Star Hangs Up"
Made by Lyn Crump 
This quilt is a modern interpretation of a Christmas tree. 
Lyn made it to hang her crystal ornaments upon.
7 weeks 'til Christmas
If you're out there Lyn send me a picture ! 

Bye for now - Linda